Harness Asset Management is a Sydney based, boutique fund manager founded in 2014 by Nigel Littlewood.

Harness is a value investor focussing on small and micro cap companies which utilises a unique strategy called, “Pineapple Hunting” (Please see “Approach” for more detail)

Harness Asset Management has been established on three core principles the most important being INTEGRITY.  Harness and its team members put the interests of clients before its own and prioritises integrity in every decision.

Management is the single largest investor in the Harness Asset Management Small Companies Value Fund which ensures an alignment of interests of Harness and its clients whom we consider business partners.

The fee structure is performance driven. It is designed to align the interests of the manager with those of the clients. The fee structure is designed to incentivise the team to focus on generating strong investment returns not significant new-investor inflows.

“Integrity is the one absolute requirement of managers.”

Peter F. Drucker

Harness is a proud member of the stable of fund managers responsible for looking after capital in the Third Link Growth Fund founded by market veteran Chris Cuffe. Member fund managers surrender their fees which, are allocated to a selection of children’s charities. More info at http://thirdlink.com.au

The Harness Asset Management Small Companies Value Fund is for wholesale clients only. The fund is not licensed for retail investors.

Harness Asset Management AFSL No. 469551