Our Values

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

– Pericles

Harness Asset management has three core values:

Integrity which underpins every decision we make.

Knowledge we believe this is a critical component to successful investing and work hard at obtaining a superior understanding of the stocks we research.

Independence runs thru the veins of our organisation. We attempt to think as contrarian, independent investors and are not influenced in any way by an external organisation or individual.

Harness Asset Management is committed to trying to make the world a better place by helping those in need. We contribute at least 5% of our annual profits to charity. HAM and Nigel Littlewood support a range of charities that focus on children, education and individual catastrophes. These include: Sailors With Disabilities, World Vision, and Mission Australia

Harness is a proud member of the stable of fund managers responsible for looking after capital in the Third Link Growth Fund founded by market veteran Chris Cuffe. Member fund managers surrender their fees which, are allocated to a selection of children’s charities. More info at http://thirdlink.com.au


Several years ago, my first daughter, Poppy started voicing her concern for the welfare of the many homeless people she saw around Sydney.  She started delivering food to a man living in a bus shelter near her school. This empathy led to the establishment of a movement called Little Care Packs. We collect donations of small bags and toiletries. We then put together toiletry kits for people living rough. Initially, we walked the city streets early in the weekend mornings handing them out, but this lacked the scale of my daughter’s ambition. We now distribute through hostels and support centres in Sydney. We distributed nearly 300 packs in 2014, over 500 in 2015 and over 1500 in 2016 and hope to keep growing. If you have bags or toiletries to donate please get in touch.

Short video on link below.



On 6th of August 2012 I was in the UK watching Nathan Outeridge win a gold medal at the London Olympics in the 49er class.

I have been a dinghy sailor my whole life, and I remember the day I met Nathan when he started to race against me a few years ago.

I was surprised to learn that not long before that on his way to a regatta he had a car accident and broke his back. While he was in hospital he was told he may not walk again and he could forget about sailing. He reflected on this for a while and decided that would not be his future and that this was merely a set back on his journey.

To help Nathan compete,The Rivkin Report stepped in and bought Nathan his first new boat. Nathan went on to win the world titles several times with crew Ben Austin but tragically (just) missed medalling in China at the Olympics. A capsize was the difference between Gold and well…nothing.

The experience left the team torn, and while Ben retired from elite sport, Nathan proving his resilience, recharged and started again. He teamed up with his child hood friend (and crew) Iain Jensen. This time they were completely dominant in their lead up to the London Olympics, never losing a lead up regatta hosted at the Olympic venue. I travelled to the UK for the Olympics and witnessed the boys dominate the regatta and win Gold.

The satisfaction of seeing these young men develop into such great athletes and see Australia win a medal in an Australian boat that I loved, was priceless.


When investing, I look for the outsiders just like Nathan, with talent, integrity, intelligence and passion whom I expect to deliver extraordinary results over time. A gold medal doesn’t happen over night, but it’s worth the patience and hard work.

There are many, many ways to allocate capital both when investing and in life. I try to give thorough consideration of how I spend capital and the dividends it may generate.  

Nigel Littlewood